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Ronald C. Leimgruber Farms is a third-generation family operation based in the fertile Imperial Valley of Southern California.  We manage and produce our own high-quality products, which we sell direct to you.  Our products can be delivered anywhere in the domestic U.S. and exported to international markets.  Contact us today to receive a quote!


Ronald Leimgruber in front of his hay barns
Ronald Leimgruber in front of his hay barns

Available Products


Alfalfa Hay

Bermuda Grass Hay

3-Way Grass

Sudan Grass Hay

Wheat Straw

Milk Cow Alfalfa Hay

Dry Cow Alfalfa Hay

Baled Corn Stalks

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Ronald C. Leimgruber Farms

Mailing: 646 Olive AvenueHoltville, CA  92250

Cell: (760) 996-6939 Fax: (760) 356-4942